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small groups

Small groups are a vital part of our growth, care and health as a church. They are like mini churches where people can discuss the things that matter, express a differing views in a safe environment and compare those ideas to God's promises and actions for us in the Bible. Life groups are places where we can gather wisdom and support for the journey.

When do groups meet:
Our current list of Life groups includes:
Tuesday day (Weekly | A. Stawell | Women | Hawthorn)
Tuesday nights (Weekly | L. Evans | Hawthorn)
Wednesday nights (Weekly | M & A Flynn | Hawthorn)
Wednesday nights (Fortnightly | M & K Woolrich | Hawthorn East) 
Thursday nights (2nd & 4th Weeks | P. Kelly | Various)
Thursday nights (1st & 3rd Weeks | D. Bock | Hawthorn West)
Sunday afternoons (D & C Knox | Families |Fortnightly | Various)

What do they do?

What happens each meeting is up to the leaders and the groups but typically there would be some thinking and discussion about the Bible, prayer for each other's needs, occasional social outings or projects for mission or welfare.

How do I get involved?
You can contact one of our pastoral staff either in person or using the contacts page on this web site. They will make time to talk with you about what you are looking for so they can recommend the best fit of life group for you.