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Life groups

Life Groups
We consider the life groups to be so vital to the growth and health of our life together that we encourage all members to be part of a group.
When do groups meet
Monday evenings (fortnightly - SPL players) Box Hill (P. Horsford & L. Goldby)
Tuesday mornings (weekly - women only) Hawthorn (A. Stawell)
Tuesday evenings (weekly) Surrey Hills (M & C Smith)

Wednesday evenings (fortnightly) Hawthorn East (D & C Knox)
Wednesday evenings (fortnightly - women only) in Hawthorn (A. Flynn)
Thursday evenings (fortnightly) Hawthorn (M. Woolrich)
Thursday evenings (fortnightly) Hawthorn/ Kew (R. Yewers)
Sunday afternoons (fortnightly) in Mont Albert (B & C Rosner)

What do they do?

What happens each meeting is up to the leaders and the groups but typically there would be some thinking and discussion about the Bible, prayer for each other's needs, occasional social outings and more

How do I get involved?
Send us a note to: