Welcome to St. Columbs Hawthorn
St. Columbs has been part of the Hawthorn community for over 132 years. We are a Christian church and part of the Anglican Church of Australia seeking to provide a safe place in which people may explore and grow in Christian trust.

We are confident that God has shown himself in Jesus Christ and acted on our behalf to secure ongoing life for all in the death and resurrection of Jesus. Knowing God in Jesus Christ is both a personal and communal decision; a commitment we are free to make as individuals and a relationship we share together as a church in God's company. You can find brief reasons for our confidence on our beliefs page.

What do we do?
We worship - We currently run two Sunday services at 10am and 6pm.
We learn - We aim to learn from and live out what is based in the Bible.
Life groups - We encourage every member to be part of a life (small) group to build each other up in prayer and understanding. These groups then take on their own projects of justice, outreach or mercy.
Children & Parents - We run day time playgroups and weekend Kids Church, mini kids (for toddlers), seminars & social events relevant to parents.
Youth - We run Sunday morning and afternoon youth activities and seasonal camps. We are involved in welfare activities in local secondary schools.
Social events - We just like to fun so we organise Jazz events, trivia nights, sports nights, battles of the bands etc. throughout the year.
Exploring Christianity - We run group and individual events each year to help people who are working out their understanding of Christianity.
Sports - We run an indoor cricket competition for young adults and we're looking to expand that to teenagers and children.
Campus - We've opened up our properties to the local community. Community groups use various facilities and we've re-worked our landscaping to provide a green space in an increasingly urban area
Cafe - We are assisting a program to provide trainingfor long term unemployed as well as a Cafe space that is friendly to families.
Missions & Aid - We give away around 20% of our income to support welfare and mission projects beyond St. Columbs.
Swinburne - We are involved with chaplaincy, christian groups and have plans for more staff training events.

The links above will help provide you with a clear view of our history, hopes and heart as a Church.