Jesus welcomed children. We do too.
We are aiming to build a community of all ages that reflects God's love for all people. We want our children to grow up being influenced by a wide sphere of Christian adults and families in a safe environment that will help them grow and see themselves as having a real home in God's family.  

Each Sunday morning of school term children of all ages join with their parents in church for the first 10 minutes or so of the service.  After the Kids' Talk (where anything can happen!), the children move off to either Mini Kids or Kids' Church, where they learn about Jesus together in fun and age-appropriate ways.

Child safe Policies at St Columb’s
On 1st January 2017 new laws came in to effect from the Victorian State Government about mandatory reporting of abuse of children and other aspects of ensuring child safety in the community.
At St Columb’s we only allow volunteers to be involved in any of our ministries with children if they have:
  • submitted an application form with references
  • received a Working with Children Check clearance from the Victorian State Government
  • undertaken child safe training (repeated annually)
  • signed agreement to conform to our child safety policy guidelines
If you have any questions about this or any other matter regarding child safety please do ask or contact the Parish Council via