Our youth ministry activities will return in February 2023!

You can join us every friday night of the school term in our church cafe

Youth ministry is outrageous fun. From glow-in-the-dark soccer, making up crazy dramas for a youth service, to talking about our significance as human beings, to rock climbing up the north face of a church wall. Or maybe just hanging out having hot chocolates. The leadership team at St. C's are all vetted by Department of Justice Working with children checks and personal references, 'cause while it has to be fun it also has to be safe.

We believe in this world you can find nothing better than to walk this challenging journey with Jesus. It may not be popular, it may not be familiar but for thousands of years people, young and old, continue to find this is where life, real life - even life to the full, is truly known. We welcome our youth and young adults to investigate this journey together. Maybe you're even thinking right now, there must be more than life to this - why not start the journey, asking this question, today? Contact

All our children and youth ministry leaders comply with our child safe policy.