Mike Flynn (Vicar)

Mike was born and raised in Melbourne. He graduated in Science from Melbourne University and worked in industry for several years in research and marketing. His theological studies were undertaken at Ridley College in Parkville and he was ordained as an Anglican minister in 1995. He began work as Vicar of St. Columbs Hawthorn in January 2007. He is committed to learning and teaching the Bible to the best of his ability and loves the fact that God answers prayer. Mike and Alison have four adult children, they enjoy music, reading, films, learning to cook things that are almost healthy! Alison's ideal holiday involves most places in Europe, Mike's involves most places in the Outback.

Paul Hughes (Associate Minister - Youth and Young Adults with AFES at Swinburne Uni)

Paul was born at St. George's hospital in Kew, spent his early childhood in country Victoria, grew up in the outer suburbs of Melbourne and has now come full circle back to the inner East! Paul has a background in IT, completed his ministry training at Ridley College in Melbourne and qualified as a secondary teacher. He has worked as a chaplain and has been doing youth work for donkey's years. He loves the greatest football team in the world, Hawthorn FC, but even more so his wife Anna and three beautiful girls and serving the Lord of life, Jesus Christ.

Peter Horsford (Sports Chaplain)

Pete is Melbourne born and raised and has worked running his own arborist business while studying theology at Ridley College in Parkville. He is a passionate and knowledgeable sports tragic - but no more tragic than when it comes to cricket. His prowess in cricket as a young (and not so young) man is demonstrated by the trophies he keeps hidden from view and his impressive abilities at sports trivia competitions. Pete has worked tirelessly to develop St. Columbs Premiership League with the Dodgiest Band of Brothers gathering to help him physically to build, maintain, pray for and run this popular ministry. His AFL team is St. Kilda which he says is a parable of life - as they are always rebuilding. Favourite holiday spot? Bright in Victoria.

Peter Humphrey (Children's minister)

Peter married Kayla in 2017 and is studying to be a primary school teacher. He joined the team in April 2018, is energetic and faithful. Peter has a deep longing for children to know Jesus and grow in their faith. He helps our Kids Church and Mini Kids teams be prepared for ministry on Sunday mornings during the 10am service, as well as leading games, teaching and relating to our primary aged children. He always has fun ideas which we try out - sometimes they work, and sometimes they don't. That is the blessing of having fun ideas.

Janis Lampard (Lay Minister)

Janis loves spending time with the people from our partner church in the Roper Valley in the Northern Territory. Unfortunately, due to an accident of birth, her AFL team is Geelong but she makes up for this with her musical talent and insight into organisational dilemmas. She loves encouraging carers who look after pre-schoolers and can regularly be found on the floor of our small hall during playgroup on a Thursday morning.