Welcome to St. Columbs Hawthorn

St. Columbs has been part of the Hawthorn community for over 135 years. We are a Christian church and part of the Anglican Church of Australia seeking to provide a safe place in which people may explore and grow in Christian trust.

We are confident that God has shown himself in Jesus Christ and acted on our behalf to secure ongoing life for all in the death and resurrection of Jesus. Knowing God in Jesus Christ is both a personal and communal decision; a commitment we are free to make as individuals and a relationship we share together as a church in God's company. You can find brief reasons for our confidence on our beliefs page.

AGM update 23/09/2020

Our AGM this year (currently set for 11:30AM on Sunday 22nd of November 2020 but likely to be moved to 29/11 to allow for the anticipated easing of government restrictions) will need to be a hybrid one of on-ground and on-line participation due to government restrictions caused by the Covid 19 pandemic. The details are currently being worked out by our Diocese, parish council and electoral roll committee. We will let our members know these details soon via our eNews, this web site and by post (snail mail) for those without internet access.