6pm Sunday

Our final 6pm service for 2020 will be the 20th of December.

We will start up again in 2021 on 31st of January.

6pm each Sunday we hold a contemporary worship service. The service aims to have a relaxed atmosphere and we welcome questions and discussion afterward. We are currently experimenting with holding this service as both a livestream and on-ground service.

We are a small gathering and we use this worship time as a training ground for up and coming preachers, worship leaders, musicians and prayer leaders. We will frequently try things that you wouldn't attempt in a larger gathering - like giving up our regular worship format for six weeks to run a course on prayer or spending significant time in prayer during the worship time. Most of the people who attend 6pm Sunday worship are on the roster. We don't want any spiritual gifts left behind!

You can contact our staff for more details here.