Christian worship is the most meaningful, life orienting and strengthening thing we can do. As the research shows, it is good for our health at many levels! What we worship demonstrates our priorities and character. Worship of the God who has shown himself in Jesus Christ and prayer to God the Father through the merits of his Son in the power of the Spirit has always been central to what it means to be Christian.

We worship on our own (Matthew 6:5,6) we worship with our work (Colossians 3:16,17) and we worship together (Hebrews 10:23-25) to encourage us to live lives that make sense to us, are useful to others and a pleasure to God.

10am each Sunday we hold a service of morning prayer, prayer and praise and, once to twice a month, holy communion. The service is contemporary, values biblical teaching and this time is the base for our Sunday youth and children activities.

Children & Youth

Children and Youth join the adults for the first 10 minutes of this service and then move to their own learning times: 'THE PITCH' (for high-school youth), 'Kids' Church' (for primary aged children) and 'Mini-Kids' for pre-schoolers. There is also a parent's area in the church side chapel for those with very young children.

The 10am service moves through a cycle of:

1st Sunday of the month - Morning Prayer

Second Sunday - Prayer & Praise

Third Sunday - Communion

Fourth Sunday - Prayer & Praise

Fifth Sunday - Communion

6pm each Sunday we hold a contemporary worship service. The service aims to have a relaxed atmosphere and we welcome questions and discussion afterward as you enjoy supper and occasionally dinner. This service has communion on the 1st Sunday of the month.

You can contact our staff for more details here.